My Story

I'm Shiralee, creative director and owner of Zella Swim... and busy mumma of 2 energetic boys.

For my whole life, I've always been a curvy girl. Even at my smallest, I was still curvy. I struggled to find a swimsuit that fit me in all the right places and I felt confident in - especially after giving birth. I'm not saying I'm not proud of my post-baby body, but I'm not one to be in a skimpy two-piece around the family. I'd much rather embrace my body in something I feel confident and comfortable in.

I've spent a lot my time trying to find the right swimsuit, wasted too much money and admit there were plenty of online impulse buys. I came to realise that I wasn't the only mumma in this situation and this is how the Zella Swim dream became my reality. BTW - Zella is my alter ego!

I wanted to create what women want in a swimsuit, something that reclaims your confidence, makes you feel sexy and proves to you that you've still got it. (There are a few hidden supportive systems in my designs that no one needs to know about – shhh!). What more could you want?!

I’m driven by positive experiences and great service. Providing a personal experience with each and every one of you is also something that keeps me motivated and aspirational for the future. I thrive on the feedback I receive from my Zella Tribe and wholeheartedly welcome it. This is what drives me to create beautiful pieces.

If you've got a question or any feedback, I'd love to hear from you. 

Shiralee x