Where does my inspiration come from?

Shiralee Scheers

Posted on September 27 2018

So I've told you about my favorite bikini bottoms. I want to share where my inspiration for my for my bikini tops came from for my first collection.
Straight up... I've got big boobs, I went to Thailand in my mid 20's and boosted my cup size in just a few hours from a small saggy B cup to a large E cup and now after having my second son my boobs are E for enormous! haha. Big Mumma boobs is what my girlfriends and I like to call them, and more than half of my close friends are either breast feeding or have a baby on the way, so they know the struggle is real!

I was once confident wearing the stringiest skimpiest kini tops out there but now.. my boobs have changed and i'm reaching my mid 30's, thing 1 and thing 2 aren't as purky as they were pre baby. And I'm not about to get another boob job. So instead of choking myself with the tie of my string bikini top holding up what I didn't get from my mumma, I wanted something more comfortable and supportive.

When i thought of support I kept thinking sports bra, they're comfy and support my boobs, its that simple!
So this is where my inspiration came from when designing 2 of my bikini tops.
Keeping in mind what I think women want.. cleavage, support, style, comfort and something that's sexy without trying too hard.
All of my designs are one of a kind in my collection. And I'm so excited for you to see what I've come up with....

Our swimwear is currently in production on the Gold Coast, Australia. Every little detail on every piece needs to be perfect. We all know good things take time. And i'm so fortunate and excited to of found such an experienced and professional pattern maker/sewer who has such a great eye for attention to detail. Every meeting is so productive and one step closer to my dream. We make a great team! 

Zella swim is launching swimwear Nov/Dec 2018

Shiralee xx


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