Best kept secret..

Shiralee Scheers

Posted on August 24 2018

Let me go back to where I left of.. POWER MESH!! Those words say it all, a material that I have discovered which gives you the ultimate support in a swimsuit. The power mesh is  sustainable, supportive and luxurious! Having these 3 key factors in my swimsuits makes it a killer swimsuit!
I recently gave birth to my second son, and I'm  left with a 'kangaroo pouch' that bit of stretched saggy skin we all know to well, im not ashamed of it, it makes me who I am today and I have a beautiful healthy son because of it. Having something I could wear that I was comfortable in and felt sexy in was a must! And I know im not alone.
Incorporating the power mesh into my swimwear line is a no brainer, just think Spanx in a swimsuit what more could you want right?!
You can't see it and it gives you support it's basically invisible, invisible Spanx. It's brilliant!

And that let's not forget the rear end just think... Hydraulics!

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